Being a leader has never been more challenging. The workplace has never faced as much turmoil and change as it does right now, as we move forward beyond Covid-19 and the economic catastrophe left in its wake! 
As you pick up the pieces you will be faced with decisions you may never have imagined coming across. You will likely have teams who are concerned about the safety of their jobs, managers applying under pressure to achieve results that are just not that easy to get now, customers and suppliers who are struggling, and there are still only the same number of hours in a day….. and you, stuck in the middle trying to get it all right! 
I remember the challenges I faced when I took on my first role in leadership & management - and those were much simpler times! 
The thing was, I started the job before I did any training, it was like finding my way through a maze in the dark. Now I know you’re what you’re probably thinking, “How on earth am I supposed to find time to fit in training?” I completely get it, I’ve been there many times too! 
The thing is, the right training makes life so much easier. Once I knew how, I was able to manage my time more effectively, and use strategies to stop others from ‘stealing’ my time. This then meant that I was able to get more done, and because of my training, I was able to find better solutions to problems. The leadership and management training I had done had a really positive impact on my team as well as on me – and what’s more, my stress levels reduced too! 
At JV Wright ltd, our effective leadership and management training has a measurable positive impact on supervisors and managers who want to develop more effective relationships with members of their teams, and can be a great starting point for people new to their leadership role as well as more established managers that want to enhance their skills. 
People who have undertaken leadership and management training with me in the past have progressed in their career from being a team leader to being Operations Director for Multi-national port operators overseas, Head of IT for shipping agents, Head of Service in a public sector organisation, to give a few examples. 
Training in leadership starts with a small step. You can take our short accredited online Leadership Skills course (approx. 90 mins) to get a taste of the topics involved, you can even trial the first unit completely FREE! 
If you think it is right for you, you can progress onto one of our leadership courses from there and start to apply your newly acquired skills straight away to see the benefits in action. 
You can see all our courses at or you can get in touch with me direct to talk about any leadership development needs for you or your organisation. 
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